Chinook Helicopter

Chinook Helicopter
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1  3/4" Diameter.

The CH-47 Chinook Helicopter enjoys the enviable reputation of being the all-time champion workhorse helicopter in the history of the United States Army. The venerable twin-engine tandem rotor Chinook has undergone numerous upgrades since first being used in Vietnam, and it still remains the US Army standard when it comes to getting work done. The Chinook transports ground forces, and massive amounts of supplies and ammunition in support of worldwide combat and contingency operations.

The upgraded CH-47D version can handle a 19,500-lb load, nearly twice its original lift capacity. The huge cabin can carry two HMMWVs (Hum-vee’s), or 33 fully-equipped troops. Equipped for medical evacuation, the cabin can accommodate 24 stretchers. The Chinook as a triple hook system, which provides stability for carrying large external loads, or the capacity for multiple external loads; artillery pieces such as 155mm howitzers can be transported at speeds up to 160 mph, using this triple-hook system. The upgraded Chinook features composite rotor blades, improved electrical and hydraulic systems, digital cockpits, and electronic countermeasures equipment. Its maximum speed is 184 mph.

This special coin, created to celebrate the vital role that the Chinook has played, salutes the lives saved, the Army warriors and equipment carried to battle—often under withering enemy fire—the sheer military capability of this magnificent helicopter that has been the difference between defeat and victory. “Splash-minted” in bronze to provide exquisite depth and detail, the obverse of the coin is a frontal look at this CH-47 workhorse in action, flanked by background profiles. The reverse features the Great Seal, surrounded by “United States Army.”


This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover


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