Blackhawk Helicopter

Blackhawk Helicopter
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1  3/4" Diameter.

The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter is the most successful tactical utility transport helicopter in the US Army inventory, and variations of it are used by all branches of the United States forces, and by hundreds of civilian agencies. This front-line utility helicopter is used for air assault, air cavalry, medevac units, and Special Operations.

Due to dramatic improvements in troop capacity and cargo lift ability, the Blackhawk can fight quicker and better across a full spectrum of conflict situations than any previous helicopter. An entire 11-person, fully-equipped infantry squad can be lifted in a single Blackhawk. Or the Blackhawk can reposition a 105mm Howitzer, its crew of six, and lift 30 rounds of ammunition in a single lift. The Blackhawk’s advanced technology makes it easy to maintain in the field.

The Blackhawk’s ideal mix of room, power, speed and service reliability make it the primary division-level transport helicopter. Both pilot and copilot have armor-protective seats. The protective armor on the Blackhawk itself can withstand hits from 23mm shells. The Blackhawk has a composite titanium and fiberglass four-bladed main rotor, is powered by two General Electric turboshaft engines each generating 1622 shaft horsepower (shp), and has a speed of 163 mph (142 knots). Its critical components and systems are armored or redundant, and the airframe is designed to progressively crush on impact, thus protecting the crew and passengers.

Displaying incredible detail, the UH-60 Blackhawk coin shows the UH-60 in “utility” mode, showing various profiles in the background. The reverse features the Great Seal, surrounded by “United States Army.”  This impressive coin is minted in bronze with an antique finish.


This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover


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