Set Screw Air Cleaner, Fuel Door & Universal Coin Mount Instructions

Thank You for purchasing *THE Set Screw ACM Air Cleaner Mount follow asterisk * & Fuel Door & Universal Coin Mount, 3 Medallion Plate Covers in 1.

Please read first: Easy Mounting Instructions:   **** Asterick denotes – Additional Mounting instructions for Air Cleaner Mount

1. Purchase permatex hi temp. RTV Silicone Gasket Maker (ultra black) & Permatex “blue medium strength” threadlocker for set screws at local auto parts store, or our website.

2. Clean off your favorite mounting spot with alcohol and remove all dirt.

3. Place the Fuel door/Universal Coin Mount on your favorite spot for fit, with the set screws facing horizontal.

*4. AIR CLEANER MOUNT: remove old bolt, Use new center screw provided to mount to air cleaner tighten carefully. Now proceed to step # 8.

5. using rtv silicone apply 1 bead in each of the channels on the underside of Fuel door/Universal Coin Mount And press down firmly to mount, FILL CHANNELS NICELY, if mounting on a flat surface use 3/8” high of rtv , it will spread out under Fuel/universal mount

6. if using rtv silicone you might want to use some masking tape or similar to steady the Fuel Door/Universal Mount while the RTV silicone cures overnight.

    DO NOT MOVE “The Fuel Door/Universal Mount AROUND – this will cause silicone to smear. If it smears allow it to dry and peel off new day.

7. Allow silicone in channels to cure overnight (if below 55 degrees allow more time for cure) at least 12 hours OR MORE. Next day mount coin.

*8. Place coin in center, press down, tighten set screws evenly and “firmly” to secure sides of coin in. If coin rocks, loosen set screw and retighten set screws evenly, firmly, unitl coin doesn’t rock. We also recommend the use of Permatex “blue medium strength” threadlocker for your set screws to keep them tight.

NOTE: do not over tighten this will strip the set screws or the allen wrench! Check set screws periodically.

9. Please Do Not Wax over your coin, to clean coin use mild soap and water, or clean as often as you like, Enjoy your new look, and Ride with Pride.

Easy coin removal, replace or flip coin Instructions:

1.  Loosen up 1 set screw to remove, replace or flip coin over, mount new coin, press down and tighten set screws firmly and evenly to sides of coin.(no Rocking)

Any questions email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Or call Motordog69 LLC. Tel: 501-249-0069

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