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Motorcycle Cover Medallions
 Inventors & Manufacturers of the World's 1st Adaptable
Challenge Coin Mounts for Motorcycles & Other Vehicles
Motorcycle Cover Medallions
 Inventors & Manufacturers of the World's 1st Adaptable
Challenge Coin Mounts for Motorcycles & Other Vehicles

"Motorcycle Timing & Horn Cover, Fuel Door & Gas Cap, Air Cleaner, Universal & Primary Challenge Coin Mounts"

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From Tim "Rogue" 
- A Motordog69 Customer

Tim Rogue"I am a former soldier of the Australian Army notching up 13 years service in communications and force protection related fields. I currently ride with the VVMC (Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club - Federal Chapter) as a ‘Returned from Active Service’ veteran alongside veterans of various conflicts from Korea to Afghanistan and everything in between.I began riding at a young age in rural areas on trail bikes amongst cattle yards and sugar cane fields and messing around on friends’ road bikes primarily on dirt roads. I didn’t actually get a motorcycle licence until 2007 upon returning from Iraq. Since obtaining my licence I am on my third bike and my second Harley Davidson, a 2011 FLHX103 Street Glide with a few trimmings as in the picture.

Having relatively recently come to accept that I am suffering from PTSD and working through it with the support of fellow VVMC members (most of whom have been through the same problems) and of course my wife, I find that getting out by myself on the bike just cruising on the black-top helps to relax me and put me in a better frame of mind to handle the next hurdle. It was this love of riding that prompted me to dress up the bike with memorabilia.

The challenge coin that I have mounted on my horn cover is a coin that we, as members of Operation Catalyst - Overwatch Battle Group (West) Two, had produced to commemorate our tour of duty in the Al-Muthanna, Qadisiyyah, Basra and Dhi-Qar provinces of Iraq in 2006-07. I am proud of my service and proud to have called myself an Australian Soldier. The MPC has been the perfect way for me to take the coin from the shelf where it's been collecting dust and displaying proudly on my scoot. I have several other challenge coins that I will mount as time goes on but this has been the perfect start.Thanks to John for such an outstanding product!

Tim "Rogue" Cheers

From Joe Curcio 
- A Motordog69 Customer


I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys have a greatproduct.  I have already purchased your timing cover & plan to but both thehorn and fuel tank units on soon.  I just have to get past upcoming shoulder replacement surgery first. I am an Old Vietnam Veteran Marine & humping a 70lb pack through a bunch of rice patties is finally  taking it's toll. No complains, cause "Some Gave Some..Some Gave All".  I was wondering when you guys are coming out West? I would be honored toattend an event out here...see to guys and shake your hands.  Thanks for thinking of us Veteran Riders. Two of the most importantevents in my life has been my time as a Marine, and my 40 years of ridingHarleys. Thank You for helping me bring them both together.              

Semper Fi,                   
Joe Curcio

From Sue Siegel - Another Motordog69 Customer


Hi John! 

Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your speedy processing of a custom's MUCH appreciated!  We'll be spreading the good word about you and your work around here and hope it brings you a lot more business. VERY cool product, and absolutely amazing customer service!It's a pleasure to find your busines! 

Sue Siegel 

From Greg Brown - Another Motordog69 Customer

Dear Motordog69, Motordog69 testimonialSo glad to have found you at the recent Biketoberfest in Daytona!  I wanted to show you where I finally mounted my MPC and Seabee coin!  It was tough to decide which bike to put it on:  The 2010 Honda Interstate or the 2008 Honda Goldwing.  

The choices on each of the bikes was limited because neither has any flat surfaces that I felt were prominent enough to display it!  I also wanted to thank you all for your recognition and support of our military and all our Veterans!  

I was surprised when I visited your booth that you even had a Navy Seabee coin available for display in the MPC (I've always said that The 'Bees were one of the best kept secrets in the Navy!  Most folks outside of the military have never heard of us.)  I was also happy that I purchased the coin as well, instead of depending on my collection at home, as they aren't all the same diameter and yours fit perfectly.  The next decision was which side to display...  :-)  

Thank you again for such a unique and exciting addition to my favorite ride! 

Sincerely, Greg Brown
Orlando, FL

From Jose Claveria
- A Motordog69 Customer


I just wanted to let u know that your merchandise arrived this pdt Friday.
It was just as I expected, your products look great and they fit perfectly on my bike.

Thank you for taking care of me.


From Deep6 - a  HDFORUMS member

Just received my timing cover coin mount I ordered Thanksgiving day. Not really expecting an answer on Thanksgiving, I went ahead and ordered the timing cover mount. Imagine my surprise when within an hour I had a message from Motordog69 with ordering information at the special price. Before end of day it was all taken care of and I had a shipped notice from papal. Got it today and it looks good. Here's a picture with the coin I plan to mount in it. Now if my new 2011 Ultra Classic Peace Officer Special will get here I can mount it on the bike. Ship date is Jan 5, 2011.


'A Letter from a Motordog69 Customer:


Just wanted to let you know that I installed the POW coin to my horn cover,

and it looks great!  Very easy install, thank you!


A Letter from a Motordog69 Customer:

Hey John, It was great to chat with you this past bike week up in New Hampshire. My buddy and I both bought medallions from you at the Rochester HD site. I thought I would send you a picture of my Navy medallion mounted. To make a long story short I originally bought it for my black 04 Road King…well while in Meredith I bought myself a 2010 Ultra Classic in Flame Pearl Blue and my Navy medallion looks FANTASTIC on her. I am so proud to be able to display my navy background on my ride. Thank you so much for a beautifully crafted piece of “art work” for my new baby. Kudos to you. Keep up the great work and trust me I will spread the word….Have a great day.

Best Regards,

Bob Schoepfer
Stony Brook,


A letter from a customer...

From David Black -  Chief Petty Officer
Navy Coin


The coin just arrived and you are right, IT IS AWESOME. I can't thank you enough. That is great and what I am looking for.

Thanks so much, after serving for 34 years, being a Chief continues to guide me through life. With that so prominently displayed on the bike and those seeing it will know how proud I am that I served in the United States Navy.

 Thanks again,
 GMC David J.R. Black, USN, Retired



 A letter from a customer...

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you all a little insight into my dealings with John at Motordog 69 and a little bit about his product.

I bought my Girlfriend a 2010 Wide Glide in Vivid Black. She is into Skulls and I am into stuff that you don't see everyday on EVERYONE'S bike. So, I came across the Motordog69 site through this forum and saw the Dead Mans Hand Coin. I thought it was cool and I bought it for my girlfriends bike along with the Chrome Timer "Coin Holder" It came 2 days later and I put it on the bike. IT LOOKS AWESOME, FITS GREAT AND IS TOTALLY CUSTOM! On top of it all, it turns out that this is the fisrt one that John had made, so I am in possession of the first Ace's and 8's timing cover! Go to his web site and see it for yourself!

I have also been working with John on doing a custom coin for my club. He is a great guy to deal with and his product is first rate!

Long Island, N.Y.


Another letter from a customer...

I recently ordered and received an MPC Timing cover with a "Do Not Tread On Me" coin mounted inside. I ordered the product from MotorDog69's website advertised on I recieved the part 3 days after I ordered it. The part did not come with mounting instructions for the coin, but MotorDog69 called and emailed me immediately after I sent them an email, with the instructions. Overall, I would recommend this vendor due to their superb customer service.

This is what it looks like installed:


Virginia beach, VA.


A letter from FGLLARDO a Member and a customer...

 Thanks John for a sweet custom product

Yep I agree! the coin and holder are awesome quality! I put it on my 2006 Street Glide vivid black and the coin really stands out as it bronze. John has been very very helpful and answers email very quickly. Thinking about getting one for a vet friend of mine that just got out of hospital.

A letter From AFRetired a Member and a Customer

John makes a very nice product! I think it is an innovative idea, and really looks good on my Ultra. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to display a challenge coin on their bike


A letter from Det199 A Member and a Customer

I'd like to give thumbs up to MotorDog69 too. Ordered a cover as a retirement gift and because I ordered late I was worried that it wouldn't show up on time. I shouldn't have worried,very prompt shipping and a very nice product. I'll be ordering again and this time for my own bike!



 A letter from a customer...


John, you were right: the chrome MPC and Marine coin look great! 


Sharon Kaiser
Elmira, New York

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