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Motorcycle Cover Medallions
 Inventors & Manufacturers of the World's 1st Adaptable
Challenge Coin Mounts for Motorcycles & Other Vehicles
Motorcycle Cover Medallions
 Inventors & Manufacturers of the World's 1st Adaptable
Challenge Coin Mounts for Motorcycles & Other Vehicles

"Motorcycle Timing & Horn Cover, Fuel Door & Gas Cap, Air Cleaner, Universal & Primary Challenge Coin Mounts"

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MotorDog69 frequently asked questions

1. What is a (MPC) Medallion Plate Cover?
   The MPC is a cover which is used to easily mount and remove challenge coins to the engine of your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Replaces timing cover on the engine.

2. How does the MPC attach to the bike?
    Just remove your timing cover (lower right side bottom of the motor, near right foot peg) and install the MPC with the screws provided, no modifications needed to bike.

3. How does the coin attach?
    Use some High Temp RTV silicone (black color) gasket maker, found at your local auto parts store.

4. Will the coin fall out? 
    If you follow the instructions provided your coin will not fall out.

5. How easy is it to change coins?                                                                                                                                                                  
    Very simple, remove MPC from bike, turn cover over, place MPC upside down on a thick towel, use a very small blunt (non sharp) screw driver and push it between the medallion and the MPC, just twist a little and the medallion should loosen up, then pop it out. Clean out the silicone, using a non sharp tool. The MPC is ready to accept another medallion, follow mounting instructions "and get a new personalized look".

6. Can I buy just the MPC and use my own coin?
    Yes, make sure you measure the diameter of your coin and choose the correct MPC, go to “MPC without coin” section, if you have questions  email or call please.

7. Can challenge coins be made custom, and how many do we need to make?

   Yes. we can make custom coins with your logo or design, normally a min. quantity of 50 or more have to be ordered.

8. Why is there a very small space between the MPC and the challenge coin?
    Due to coins having different tolerances, also so we can easily remove, and replace coins in the MPC, by popping them out thru the back center hole.

9. What is a Challenge Coin?

History of the Challenge Coin
During World War I, American volunteers from all parts of the country filled the newly formed flying squadrons. Some were wealthy scions attending colleges such as Yale and Harvard who quit in mid-term to join the war. In one squadron, a wealthy lieutenant ordered medallions struck in solid bronze and presented them to his unit. One young pilot placed the medallion in a small leather pouch that he wore around his neck.

Shortly after acquiring the medallions, the pilots’ aircraft was severely damaged by ground fire. He was forced to land behind enemy lines and was immediately captured by a German patrol. In order to discourage his escape, the Germans took all of his personal identification except for the small leather pouch around his neck. In the meantime, he was taken to a small French town near the front. Taking advantage of a bombardment that night, he escaped. However, he was without personal identification.

He succeeded in avoiding German patrols by donning civilian attire and reached the front lines. With great difficulty, he crossed no-man's land. Eventually, he stumbled onto a French outpost. Unfortunately, saboteurs had plagued the French in that sector. They sometimes masqueraded as civilians and wore civilian clothes. Not recognizing the young pilot's American accent, the French thought him to be a saboteur and made ready to execute him. He had no identification to prove his allegiance, but he did have his leather pouch containing the medallion. He showed the medallion to his would-be executioners and one of his French captors recognized the squadron insignia on the medallion. They delayed his execution long enough for him to confirm his identity. Instead of shooting him they gave him a bottle of wine.

Back at his squadron, it became tradition to ensure that all members carried their medallion or coin at all times. This was accomplished in the following manner - a challenger would ask to see the medallion. If the challenged could not produce a medallion, they were required to buy a drink of choice for the member who challenged them. If the challenged member produced a medallion, then the challenging member was required to pay for the drink. This tradition continued on throughout the war and for many years after the war while surviving members of the squadron were still alive.

We proudly continue this tradition of the challenge coin.

10. Is their a discount for quantity orders?
 Please email us with your request.

11. Any other questions please email or call, we would like to hear from you!

Thanks and

Ride Safe,


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