License Plate Setup Mounting Instructions


Thank You for Purchasing “The Set Screw License Plate Mount Coin Mount”

Please read: Our Easy Mounting Instructions


Note: Personalize your License Plate today. The License Plate Mount was designed add to a custom look to the back of your bike with its unique design.


. Purchase permatex blue medium strength thread locker for set screws & flat heads at your auto parts store.

. Mounts direct to license plate or to license plate frame for motorcycles.

. Can be mounted to top of plate (bracket flipped high or low) or bottom of plate (bracket flipped high or low).

. Bracket has 4 different height elevations for the challenge coin mounts flexability and versality.

. Mount bracket to your license plate, in desired location.

. Mount challenge coin mount to bracket with 2 small flat head screws provided.

. Apply permatex blue medium strength thread locker on your set screws and flat top screws to keep them    tight, Place coin in center, press down, tighten set screws evenly, please do not over tighten.

. To clean coin use mild soap and water, or brass cleaner, clean coin as often as you like, Ride With Pride.

Easy coin removal, replace or flip coin Instructions:

1. Loosen up 1 set screw to remove, replace, or flip coin over, mount new coin, press down and tighten set screws firmly and evenly.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or call Motordog69 LLC. Tel: 501-249-0069

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Owner/Inventor: John Mottola

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