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milwaukee rally 4Motordog69 is the inventor, designer and manufacturer of custom challenge coin mounts and challenge coins located in Shirley, Arkansas. Founded in 2009 by John "The Motordog" Mottola, our complete line of challenge coin mounts and challenge coins can be seen on thousands of motorcycles, trikes, Can Ams and vehicles. Now even cars, trucks, boats, 4 wheelers, and RV’s can sport one of our great medallions to personalize your ride!

Our Challenge Coin Mounts fit all bikes and vehicles. Harley air cleaners, timing covers, gas caps, fuel doors, horn covers, axle covers & license plates. We also carry mounts for Indian horn covers, gas caps, license plates, & engine covers. Now offering mounts for Goldwings, Victorys, Can Am's and Vehicles!

There is no other feeling than riding with something meaningful and personal on your bike, it's something only our customers know "Riding With Pride". Our coins are made by leading U.S. mints specializing in creating precision minted masterpieces suited to the unique needs of our customers. They produce premium quality military challenge coins for the government and custom medallions for more than 30 years. Motordog69 has also designed our own line of challenge coins, many are online right now, in the descriptions it states "designed by MotorDog69", keep an eye out for them.

Inventing the Motorcycle Medallion Plate Covers or Challenge Coin Mounts

Ever since my twin brother and I had our own paper route when I was 14, I’ve always wanted to have a business of my own, around this age we started riding dirt bikes and fell in love with the thrill and freedom of riding. During my sales and computer career working for fortune 500 company’s like Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Exxon, United technologies and Harley Davidson along the way I feel I’ve been trained to do this.

MotorDog69 LLC. established 2009, specializes in the design and manufacture of unique custom show quality parts for motorcycles. All of our parts are made right here in the USA, Central Florida.

ac mount closeThe Medallion Plate Cover (MPC) was conceived one day while I was looking at my 2003 Dyna Wide Glide trying to figure out where I could mount my 9 year recovery medallion, Yep, I’m in a recovery program “clean and free of drugs and alcohol” since April 2000! “I wanted to add a piece of my life to my bike”, I had been thinking about this for some time now and one day it just hit me, I decided to make a prototype design and called my dad, a retired chief of engineering, from United Technologies Norden Systems, and Sikorsky Aircraft. With my initial design together with my dad’s experience we hashed out the family of challenge coin mounts or Medallion Plate Covers (MPC). During the pre-manufacturing process I was lucky enough to meet the right people and manufacturers to help bring these ideas and dreams into reality. Being a first time inventor, business owner and entrepreneur I am always looking for ways to help people get what they want, and bring their dreams and ideas with this part into reality.

Along the way we have come up many new ideas on how our challenge coin mounts could be used and it's been a great ride so far.

Motordog LogoSome of our clients: Christian Motorcycle Association, VVMC, Faith Riders, Charlotte County Sheriffs Office, Misouri Nation Guard, Air Force, Alternative M.C., 101st Airborne, 2nd infantry, American Legion Riders, Army, Fire & Iron M.C., Fire Fighters, H.O.G., Harley Davidson Dealerships, Marines, Milford CT. Police Dept., Navy, Orlando County Sheriffs Office, Recovery Groups, Rolling Thunder, Punisher MC, V8 Choppers, Trinity Motorcycle Ministry, and many more.

We are in over 50 states, also Canada, France, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Australia, Poland, Spain and Germany, South America, right now and growing, since July 2009.

Our “Custom designs” permit the mounting and removing of challenge coins and medallions on Harleys, Indians, Goldwings, all bikes and vehicles.

Our Challenge Coin Mounts accommodate coins/medallions ranging from 1 5/16”, 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, 2” and even larger diameters or any shape or size with our coin adapter. We can also design a custom challenge coin mount to accommodate other diameter coins/medallions if you like.

The Motordog Speaks

John MottolaO.K. what’s up with the name “Motordog69”. I am very passionate about cars and motorcycles. It just so happens 1969 was a great year for muscle cars and motorcycles, and also a little controversial about what people relate the number to “you know what I mean”! Also it’s the number to the Cancer sign, my Dad and my wife are both born under the Cancer sign. I was tossing around all kinds of names for a while and could not come up with anything I liked. One day I was looking at our dog Baxter (a Jack Russell Terrier), he loves going for rides, running, dog parks, and just being outside. We take him to a place called “The Lucky Dog” to get his hair cut and every time we say that name he goes nuts, knowing he’s going for a ride and getting to be with other dogs. My love for motors and dogs came together somehow looking at Baxter one day I asked him if he was the “Motordog” and he perked up as if he knew what I was talking about…add at a little 69 and there you have it, the logo actually has a artist rendition of Baxter on the air cleaner with his “shit eating grin” on!

We look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to drop us a quick note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you’re looking for a special holiday, birthday or unique gift just let us know.

Ride safe,

Inventor/Owner: John Mottola

Contact Us
Cell: 501-249-0069
Office: 501-745-7769

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About Motordog69

Motordog69 is the inventor, designer and manufacturer of custom challenge coin mounts and challenge coins located in Shirley, Arkansas. Founded in 2009 by ...

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