USMC Coat of Arms

USMC Coat of Arms
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1 3/4" diameter coin

This round brass coin salutes the U.S. Marine Basic School. Struck in brass, this coin has an attractive use of baked enamel, making for a striking impression. The obverse displays the coat of arms of The Basic School. The reverse contains the US Marine logo.

The Basic School, a formal school within Training Command, is located at Camp Barrett, 11 miles west of MCCDC headquarters, Quantico, Virginia.

The Basic School (TBS) is where Marines chosen to become officers report after successfully completing Officer Candidates School (OCS). At TBS, Marine officer candidates spend 6 months training and developing the professional knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead Marines under their command. Courses include, among other things, training in leadership, marksmanship, land navigation, communications, infantry tactics, weapons, drill, military law, logistics, personnel administration, and Marine Corps history. Coursework at TBS takes place in both the classroom and the field, preparing candidates for leadership in all types of environments. Marines there learn to assess situations quickly and then act decisively, without hesitation.

This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover


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