Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Techician
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1 3/4" diameter.

This engravable coin honors all Emergency Medical Technicians, also known as EMTs. These dedicated heroes inspire us all through their commitment to saving lives, even in the most hazardous conditions.

EMTs are known for their skill under pressure and their passion for saving lives. Prepared by extensive training and driven by a deep desire to help those most in need, these talented and dedicated individuals always rise to the occasion to get the job done. Their professionalism and desire to achieve excellence in the face of daunting challenges inspires not only the people they help, but all those who witness their work. In communities across America, these individuals complete their assigned mission with great skill and compassion.

Minted in solid bronze, with an antique patina, this coin pays tribute to the courageous emergency medical technicians who put their lives on the line to safeguard us all. The obverse depicts the Star of Life, the symbol denoting and honoring all emergency services personnel, with the words “EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN” surrounding it, accented by vivid blue enamel. The engravable reverse features traditional fire fighters riding to their next call and an area for engraving a personal message

This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover

Click this Image to view the Medallion Plate Cover with this coin

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