Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher
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1 3/4" diameter.


Whether exploring a rocky mountain trail in hiking boots, traversing continents in a roaring jet, or commuting to work on the bus, all travelers will feel St. Christopher’s protecting grace with this shepherding medallion in their pocket.

St. Christopher, one of the most popular saints, is not on record in the official canon of saints and his actual existence can only be confirmed by legend. Stories go that he stands as a martyr, reputedly killed by Roman Emperor Decius. However, Catholics have granted him sainthood in moniker.

It is said that St. Christopher befriended a hermit who encouraged him to find a vocation that would please Christ. Noticing a river nearby where many a traveler drowned trying to cross, St. Christopher opted to help those in passage.

One day a child asked for St. Christopher’s aid crossing the river. Amidst the journey, the waters rose and the child grew heavier. With great labor St. Christopher managed to get the child safely to the other bank. St. Christopher then inquired as to why the child became so heavy. The child told him he was the Christ Child and the weight was that of the world upon his shoulders.

Minted in solid brass, a detailed likeness of St. Christopher with the Christ Child upon his shoulders graces the obverse of the coin. The reverse bears St. Christopher’s Protection prayer.

Bless your travels with a symbol of the chaperoning saint or grab a gift for the wanderer, adventurer, or commuter in your life.



This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover


Click this Image to view the Medallion Plate Cover with this coin

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