Army Parachutist

Army Parachutist
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The US Army Parachutist challenge coin honors the US Army Parachutist Badge to those who proudly wear it. Awarded to military personnel from any branch of service who complete the rigorous US Army Basic Airborne Course, the US Army Parachutist Badge signifies that they are qualified to participate in airborne combat operations. Those who have attended jump school never forget the pride they felt when those silver wings were pinned on their chest and they shouted out a mighty “Airborne!” Once assigned to an Airborne unit, these elite soldiers of the sky are capable of deploying worldwide within 18 hours for missions ranging from peacekeeping efforts to engaging the enemy on the battlefield.  

The US Army Parachutist Badge, commonly referred to as “Jump Wings”, is issued at three levels. The Basic level is awarded to soldiers after satisfactorily completing the basic ground school and completing 5 Airborne jumps. A Senior Parachutist must have successfully graduated from the Jumpmaster Course and participated in a minimum of 30 jumps (including 15 jumps with combat equipment) and served with an Airborne unit for a total of at least 24 months. In addition to graduating from the Jumpmaster Course, the Master Parachutist must have participated in a minimum of 65 jumps (25 jumps with combat equipment) and served with an Airborne unit for a total of at least 36 months. Soldiers jumping into combat zones are authorized to wear the appropriate-level Parachutist Badge with a bronze star for each jump, up to the authorized maximum of five.

The US Army Parachutist Badge challenge coin is minted in brass and brushed with an antique nickel finish. It is struck using special “splash” dies, which provide deep relief and beautiful detail.

This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover

Click this Image to view the Medallion Plate Cover with this coin


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