Army Infantry

Army Infantry
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1  3/4" Diameter.


The United States Infantry has lived and won by the branch motto, “Follow Me,” since the creation of the 3rd Infantry Regiment on 3 June 1784, the first infantry regiment authorized by Congress. From the Revolutionary War to the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. Army Infantry faces the enemy head on to overcome and succeed in its mission.

Serving as the backbone of the United States Army, the Infantry branch excels at closing in on the enemy and destroying or capturing them by any means necessary. As the Infantryman’s Creed says, they are the “’s strength in war. Her deterrent in peace… [and] the heart of the fight…”

This stone-polished coin has a baked enamel and shined bronze finish, and is dedicated to the brave soldiers of the United States Army Infantry. The obverse features the branch insignia of the U.S. Army Infantry, two golden crossed 1795 Springfield muskets. The reverse displays the logo of the United States Army, with its iconic “Army Strong” tagline.

This coin fits in a 1.8" Medallion Plate Cover

Click this Image to view the Medallion Plate Cover with this coin

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