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MotorDog69 Set Screw Black Universal Coin Mount with “USAF Seal” coin.

·         Fits All Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Boats, All vehicles, Attaches to any slightly curved or flat surface.

·         "Add a piece of your life to your bike" with MotorDog69's Challenge Coin Mounts.

·         Find out why our customers are riding with pride, when they mount something meaningful on their bike, or any vehicle.

·         Now you can "Mount a coin, ride with pride, flip coin over, or remount a new coin, to get a new personalized look."

·         USA Patented and Engineered, standard matte black powder coat finish, gloss black also available, please specify.

·         Bundle Includes; Set Screw Black Universal Coin Mount, Challenge Coin Shown, Set Screws, Allen Wrench, and Easy to Follow Instructions. Personalize Your Ride Today!

·         Kit Benefits; Easily mount and remove challenge coins to any slightly curved or flat surface, to personalize just about anything you want.

·         You can loosen one of the set screws in order to flip the coin over to display the other side, or remount a different coin, to get a new personalized look. Coin mount attaches with either rtv silicone, found on our website, or small flat head screws.

·         The feeling you get when you mount a personal challenge coin on your ride, is something only our customers know.

·         MotorDog69 Is The Inventor And Designer Of The World's 1st Adaptable Challenge Coin Mounts For All Motorcycles And Vehicles.

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Indian Horn UCM and Harly Sissy Bar UCM500x275





"Mount a coin, ride with pride, pop the coin out, remount a new coin, get a new personalized look."


SS B UCM 1.8 600x600

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About Motordog69

Motordog69 is the inventor, designer and manufacturer of custom challenge coin mounts and challenge coins located in Shirley, Arkansas. Founded in 2009 by ...

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